Product and Advertising 


Whether you are selling food, fine wines, jewellery or cosmetics, you want your products to look their very best, both in print and on screen. At Leeson Street Photography, we have the skill, experience and creative flair to provide you with high quality, stylish and professional images at an affordable price. 

We work with our customers to understand their needs and fulfil their individual requirements. There are many ways in which the same scene or product can be photographed, with focus techniques and lighting effects producing very different images. Your photo shoot will be booked in advance at a time convenient to you and we will take photographs with as many different lighting, scenes and focus effects as time permits. Post-production is then carried out using the latest digital editing software and we can also add text and graphics to the images.

Our flexible charges and customised packages make us the ideal partner for your marketing campaigns. In today's economic climate, high-quality images of your products are perhaps the most valuable marketing tool you can use. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to book an appointment.

Real Estate and Architectural


We specialise in interior and exterior photography of both residential and commercial properties. We will produce the finest images of your property to make sure it looks its absolute best. In Leeson Street Photography we use state of the art technology combined with the latest digital editing software to optimise photographs and ensure that your final images make that all important first impression!

In today's competitive property market, high quality photographs of your property are perhaps the most valuable component of any successful property listing. First impressions count and photography provides these key images of a property, its value cannot be overstated. Leeson Street Photography exists to provide you with exceptionally high quality photography that will help your property stand out in the crowd.

Success in finding a tenant or buyer depends initially on the quality and content of an image and how it is presented, as most people will first of all see photographs of your property.

We specialise in providing the highest quality property photography to assist vendors sell quickly and potential buyers to find the home of their dreams in a matter of minutes.


Why choose Us?

We are pleased to be able to offer our professional services to private property owners as well as commercial companies.

We appreciate that every client has their own needs, at Leeson Street Photography we will accommodate your individual requirements while maintaining a competitive price.

We offer customized marketing packages and flexible charges, making us the ideal partner for providing digital images for your business.

We guarantee our quality photography will show your product or property in the best light every time, whilst assuring that you are getting great value for money and the best possible service.

Please feel free to contact us for a competitive quotation.


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